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Survival of a business greatly depends upon it’s ability to adapt to new trends/methods of reaching out to your customers. Digital marketing is the new form of reaching out to customers. It refers to advertisements delivered through digital channels such as websites, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram etc.) mobile applications, emails, Banner ads withing web applications, search engines like Google/Bing, Popular websites and any other digital channels.

The most important benefit of digital marketing is that they are more cost-effective than advertising in traditional marketing mediums such as Newspapers Advertising, Radio Advertising, TV Advertising. Digital Marketing helps you get better results and generate revenues by allowing you to strategize your plan to reach out to your targeted audience in the matter you want. Digital marketing opens doors to new markets in new ways, through Digital marketing every business, big or small can target bigger and remote markets locally, nationally and internationally without having to move an inch from their location of operations.

Mr.Kevin O’Kane of Google portrays Digital Market as the rocket fuel for the development of little and medium scale ventures. Unlike traditional advertising mediums, Digital marketing facilitates Interaction with your Targeted Audiences. companies can now engage with the end users, take feedback, opinions, suggestions, complaints and take quick measures to ensure customer satisfaction. This will help you develop trust with your customers and your business starts to grow.

Digital marketing caters to the mobile consumers. In India alone, almost 80% of our population have access to mobile phones besides with internet facility being easily accessible, customers now not only use it for calling but also read, browse through, make purchases, transact online, chat with friends and peers or use it for entertainment purposes. Through Digital Marketing you can reach them at the right time when they are looking for your services.

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