Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is an advertising medium that reaches consumers when they are outside their homes. As per a leading survey, consumers spend over 70% of their time out of their homes either on work related activities or on casual shopping spree. Since familiarity builds trust, by displaying consistent messages across Outdoor Advertising Mediums, Brands can instill confidence about your products in the minds of your consumers.

Outdoor advertising becomes important as you can tailor your campaigns to specific locations where your target customers are.

The types of Outdoor Advertising includes:
a) Hoardings/Bill Board Advertising
b) Transit Medium Advertising
c) Mall Advertising
d) Below-the-line Advertising (BTL Advertising)
e) Point of Sale Advertising

Hoardings are mostly placed in high traffic areas. Through advertising on Hoardings, one can target commuters during rush hour times.Hoarding can be used as a means for building Brand image as well as to generate footfalls especially if your business is located in the surrounding areas.

Bus Shelters... On an average a commuter spends around 15 to 20 minutes waiting to catch his Bus. Its an ideal time to put across your message and make an impression. Hence, based on your target segment of customers, Bus Shelters also are an effective medium that can be used very effectively.

Transit mediums consists of advertising on Vehicles such as Cab Advertising, Auto Rickshaw Advertising, Bus Advertising, Mobile Display Vans, Cycle Advertising etc. The advantage by advertising on these mediums being the vehicle movement is not restricted to any specific areas. They are very cost effective in comparison to Print Advertisements/Radio Advertisements and also are able to cover larger parts of the city.

"Reach out to your customers where they hang out the most. OOH helps in geographically targeted marketing to your customers. Repeated viewing of your advertisement helps in Brand Building resulting in greater Brand Recall."

Hoardings at Strategic Locations


Road Medians


Across Bangalore, Karnataka & Pan India

Lit and Non-Lit Bus Shelters across Bangalore

Backlit Mobile Display Vans

Mobile Display Vans with LED Screen

(Service Locations – Across Bangalore, Karnataka & Pan India)

Ola Cabs – Internal Advertising

Ola Cabs – External Advertising/ Door Branding

(Service Locations – Across Bangalore, Karnataka & Pan India)

Auto Rickshaw Sticker Branding. Advertising Pasting Vinyl Sticker Branding

Auto Rickshaw Advertising with complete Hood change. Rexin Hood Branding

(Service Locations – Across Bangalore, Karnataka & Pan India)

Bus Advertising – Interior

Bus Advertising – Back Panel

(Service Locations – Across Bangalore, Karnataka & Pan India)

Flyer Insertions in Leading Newspapers

Posters put up on acrylic stands fixed inside Lifts.

Premium Apartments across Bangalore & other select cities.

Screen Printing on 3mm sunpack board

Screen Printing on Tin Sheets

Offset Printing on Tin Sheets (NoParking Tin boards)

Metal No Parking Sign Boards – used on Road sides

PVC Helium Balloons – 8ft, 10ft, 12ft

Small Promotional Balloons with Logo Branding

Standee Placement in Leading Malls


Parking area Branding

Internal Glow Sign boards

Internal Hoardings

Drop-downs etc.

Ticket Branding

Cinema Screen Advertising

LED Look walker display boards with promotion boys

BTL Promotions

Product Sampling

Road Shows

Door-to-door promotions and sales

Placement of Rollup Standees/ Metal Stands in major Metro Stations

Hoardings in and around Airports

Trolley Advertising