Printed Marketing Materials Are Essential to Increase Your Sales

"Out of sight is out of mind. A print collateral builds and strengthens relationships. It keeps your meeting with clients and customers alive even after weeks and months."

No matter how digital & trendy the marketing gets, printed marketing materials will always have a place in business promotions simply because holding something tangible in your hands will always have a stronger effect than seeing it through a screen.

Marketing materials such as your Company Brochure, Product Catalogs, Flyers or even your Visiting card provides the first look into your business. Your products and services might be of high quality but if your marketing materials do not reflect the same quality in terms of its design and the quality of its print, you are bound to loose out to your competitors. How your company is perceived as against your competition can make or break your sale. Even if you are a small company its essential to make sure your marketing materials are on par with the established companies if you want customers to take you seriously or to compete with the established players.

Good marketing materials give the reader an insight into the company, it’s value proposition and the culture within an organization. These factors heavily affect your brand image. So it becomes important to spend some quality time and plan the content that go into your marketing materials (Brochures, Catalogs, Flyers, Posters etc.) and it is even more important to get the creative designed by professional creative designers. Avoid cutting costs here as it will hurt you in the future. Always stick to quality.

At Humming Bird, our team of professional graphic designers come with over a decade of experience in working on marketing campaigns of leading companies and brands from various sectors. We make sure to discuss in detail to understand the nature of your business, analyse the contents and targeted marketing mediums used for the campaign and study your target customers (to whom communication will be addressed to) even before we begin to work on your projects.

Your marketing materials can help to boost your brand and company image. Print mediums such as Brochures, Flyers, Business Cards, Flex Banners/Hoardings, Vinyl branding etc. all haveĀ  the power to create Brand Recall. They stick in the minds of your customers and does your job even when you are not around. Hence the focus on quality take prime importance.

In short:
– Printed marketing materials can be targeted to suit your customers
– They build credibility about your business. Makes you look professional among your customers.
– They create engagement with your customers, let’s them know more about your business / product / services.
– They can be kept for longer duration. Unlike web pages or E mailers, printed materials like Brochures and Flyers, when you leave behind your with your client, it acts as a reference material, it extends your meeting even after you leave and helps in improving the Brand Recall Value of your company.

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  • Brand Ambassadors Sunboard Cutouts with Vinyl Sticker on 3mm/5mm sunboards
  • Character Cutouts with Vinyl Sticker on 3mm/5mm sunboards