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Who we are

An Advertising Agency, a Branding Agency, Printers, Outdoor advertising agency, Signboard makers, Internet marketing agency – in short we are one of the top advertising agencies in Bangalore. At Hummingbird we offer full spectrum of advertising and branding services at one place. We help you to reach more customers, market more products, generate more leads for your projects all through planned advertising and marketing campaigns.

We are a team of highly experienced industry professionals with an extensive domain knowledge. We come with over 20 years of hands-on industry experience in planning advertising campaigns, formulating marketing goals, charting media plans, negotiating with publications, FM Radio stations, TV Channels for media buying, executing online and offline advertising campaigns, generating leads and building brands for Corporate companies, reputed Educational Institutions, Financial institutions, Startup companies & others.

What we do

We support our clients in planning and executing the marketing campaigns, customizing media plans, negotiating with media for best pricing,  monitoring advertising schedules across advertising mediums across markets, and help them to generate maximum returns from the marketing campaigns.

Our strong commitment to quality has made Humming Bird Communications one of the most sought after advertising agency in Bangalore. We are now one of the top advertising agencies operating in Bangalore so whenever you search as ‘advertising agencies near me’ you will mostly find us waiting to be your preferred and trusted advertising partners and your one-stop-solution providers for all your advertising, marketing, branding  or printing requirements. 

Our Services

Newspaper Advertising Agency

Newspaper advertisements have more shelf-life, more readership, more OTS, better penetration and reach unlike other forms of advertisements.
Times of India Advertising; Deccan Herald Advertising, The Hindu Advertising; Economic Times Advertising; Vijaya Karnataka Advertising; Prajavani Advertising and more

Call for best advertising rates for all leading newspapers across India

FM Radio Advertising Agency

Reach out to customers who are always on the move. Advertise on leading FM Radio stations PAN India. Big 92.7 FM advertising; Radio City 91.1FM advertising; Radio Mirchi 98.3FM advertising; Fever 104 FM advertising; Red FM 93.5 advertising; Radio Mirchi 95 FM advertising; Radio Indigo 91.9 FM advertising; Radio One 94.3 advertising & more
Get the best advertising rates and best advertising packages for FM radio advertising in Bangalore

Television Media Advertising Agency

Capture the attention of your customers through TV media advertising. TV9 Advertising; Colors TV Advertising; Public TV Advertising; Udaya TV Advertising; News 18 Advertising; Suvarna TV Advertising, Polimer TV Advertising & more

Get best advertising rates for advertising commercials in leading satellite TV Channels and Cable TV across India.
Call for for more details.

Graphic Designers

Your Brand identities are the face of your company to the world. They speak to your customers in your absense. A good design is very important to capture and captivate the attention of your customers and generate response. Call us for best designs.

Office Branding / Shop Branding

Improve the aesthetics and ambience of your office space, create a motivating works environment for employees. Utilize the space for branding & pomotions. For Office branding / InShop Branding / Retail Banding call us for a meeting.

Printing Services / Print Shop

Your Brochures, Flyers, Visiting Cards are the most important business tools that can be left behind after every customer meeting. They will keep reminding your customers of your business even in your absense and will help in increasing brand recall. Call us for best quality printing at best prices.

Digital Marketing Services

All businesses, big or small now have an equal platform and opportunity to promote their busines, products and services and to acquire new customers. Almost 100% of products and services that are purchased these days are searched and researched online before making the purchase. Call us for customised Digital marketing solutions for an increase in brand reach and increased sales.

Outdoor Advertising Services

Instead of waiting for customers to come to you, reach out to them where ever they spend their time in. Outdoor advertising helps businesses to promote their products and brands at places where their prospective customers spend most of the time. Call for best outdoor advertising ideas and ad solutions.

LED Signage / Glow Sign board Makers

Signboads attract customers to your shops. They capture the attention of your prospective customers, give them a brief intro of your business services, guide them to your location and help them identify your shop among many. Call for best Signboards & Signage solutions to suit your needs and budgets.

Corporate Gift Items with Logo branding

Express your gratitude to your employees, clients, potential clients, dealers & customers. Gifts with company logo branding not only helps in showing gratitude for your association but also helps in brand publicity and brand recall. Check with us for a list of items that can be customized to suit your needs.

Road Safety Products / Work Safety Products

Better to be safe than sorry. Safety of lives should be of utmost prioriy at all places, at all times. Safety products are products that helps in prevention or reduction of accidents be it on Roads like the way Road Safety Products such as Road Barricades, Traffic Cones, Road Studs help or at work places like Safety Helmets, Safety Boots, Reflective Jackets, Body Scanners etc. help . Call for best quality products and best prices.

Housekeeping Products

Housekeeping products are Items that are required for routine maintenance and management of Homes, Apartment projects, Villa Projects, Offices, Businesses, Malls, IT Parks, Corporate companies etc., Housekeeping Products includes items like Floor Cleaning Brooms, Mops, Floor Wipers, Cleaning Brushes, Glass Cleaning Tools, Household Cleaners, Window Washers, Cleaning Detergents, Hand Sanitizers, Soap Dispensers, Dustbins & more. Call for best quaity products at best prices.

Why Choose Us

we are one of the best advertising agencies in Bangalore.

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” – Jim Rohn

In the current work environment time is of utmost importance. Now the focus is more on getting as much work done in as less time as possible.  It becomes all the more necessary to deal with experienced vendors who can support you in more areas than having to deal with multiple vendors for each requirement.

At Humming Bird Communication you get everything you need to promote your products / services / brands at one place. Our team of experts will work with you, guide you to plan the right advertising mediums, right time to advertise helping you to get the best returns from your advertising campaigns.

Personal Attention

Customer is king. You are important to us. Having an experienced & lean team helps us to provide our customers direct access to the decision makers unlike big agencies where you tend to get lost in the crowd. At Humming Bird, you are only a phone call away from speaking directly to us.

Quality Services

At Hummingbird ‘Quality’ rules supreme. In all our endeavors, be it in designing of creatives, providing media advertising services or manufacturing of display stands, LED Glowsign boards, we use only the best quality branded materials and extend the best of services all times.

Competitive Pricing

'Quality’ comes at a premium. However for our regular customers we remain flexible. Our goal is to have happy customers for life than to do one off business and move on to the next. We prefer to build long term relationships, than just working on one time projects. We promise to give you the best of quality and price at all times.

Always On Time

Having been in Branding & Advertising industry for close to two decades and having worked on hundreds of projects, we understand the importance of deadlines. We will always stick to the mutually discussed and agreed upon deadlines.

Hard Working

We tend to work in tandem with our client's timeline. Our team comprise of professionals with thorough knowledge in their respective domains. Knowledge and experience makes it easier to understand customer requirements better and complete the projects quickly.

24/7 Availability

We are always accessible to our clients at all time. You can call us, mail us or message us, we will revert to you as soon as possible.


What Do Our Clients Say

Humming Bird has been lending excellent service to their clients. Very honest in their approach and work. I highly recommend the place for anyone looking for their advertising needs.
Sooraj Shetty
CEO & Founder
We have taken their service for Brochure Designing and Brochure Printing for our company. We got very good brochure design which lead to an increase in our sales and positioning of our Brand, Good quality brochure printing at good competitive price. It was a pleasure working with them. All in all a very good working experience with them.
They have excellent & practical knowledge of Brand Branding and Advertising across mediums. Very experienced team with very good media relations. We get very good suggestions on a regular basis which helps us in improving our marketing campaigns. We got very good ad rates for FM Radio advertising. We recommend them to everyone looking for one stop advertising solutions.
Managing Director, Bhuvana Ayurveda
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