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What we do

An Advertising Agency, Graphic Designing firm, Commercial Printers, Branding Agency, Marketing agency, all-in-all we are one of the top advertising agency in Bangalore. We offer solutions for brand building; to reach out to your customers through strategically planned marketing and advertising campaigns and market your products and services. We are backed by highly experienced team of professionals with thorough domain knowledge and decades of industry experience in building brands, media planning and executing advertising campaigns for many Small and Medium Enterprises, Corporate companies, reputed Educational Institutions, Banks and Startup companies.

Humming Bird Communications with our commitment to providing quality service and with the support of our esteemed clients has grown to become one of the most sought after ad agency in Bangalore. We are now counted as one of the top advertising agencies in Bangalore for providing timely and quality services to our customers.  We are a full service advertising agency and a outdoor marketing agency offering quality marketing services to both B2B & B2C companies across Bangalore, Karnataka and a pan India level. Whenever you search for ‘advertising agencies near me‘ you will find us as your one-stop-solution providers for advertising, marketing or brand building requirements.  Call us now, let’s start working on marketing your products and services.

We work with customers from Government Departments, Banks, Public Sector Enterprises, Private Companies, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) aswell as Start-up companies. We help them to strategically plan their marketing communications, customize their marketing plans and execute their advertising campaigns across various advertising mediums to get maximum returns from their marketing campaigns.

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Advertising Services

Advertising is one of the most important aspects for the success of every business enterprise. No matter how good your products are and how efficient your service is, you will not make money unless the product/ service get sold to your prospective customers. Advertising is very essential for businesses to inform and remind prospective customers regularly about your company, your products, your services, your offers and the value you bring into their lives making it more easier.

Humming Bird Communications, is one of the top advertising agencies in Bangalore. We are the best service providers as

  • FM Radio Advertising Agency
  • Newspaper Advertising Agency
  • Magazine Advertising Agency
  • TV Advertising Agency
  • Airlines Magazine Advertising Agency
  • Hoarding Advertising Agency
  • Transit Media Advertising Agency
  • Mall Advertising Agency
  • Cinema Advertising Agency
  • Railway Station Advertising Agency
  • Bis Station Advertising Agency
  • Airport Advertising Agency

 and more brand marketing services.

Having good media relations over the years helps us to get the best deals at best prices for our customers.


Branding Services

A ‘Brand’ is a promise to your customer of what he can expect from your company, your products and services. Branding is vital for the long term success of all business. Be it a start-up company or an already functioning enterprise, creation of a positive Brand Image helps you to enjoy a premium edge over your competitors. Your customers will be able to identify your products quickly, make purchases without having to think twice, have favorable response to new products from your product line, will be happy to pay a premium price for a brand that reflects quality and also suggest  others to try your products and services leading to increased sales.

At Hummingbird, we help you to >> Plan your marketing activities >> Develop your advertising campaigns >> Nurture your customer interactions  >> Execute your communication goals and >> make your Brand reach out to everyone.

We are the best in

  • Designing of Brand Identities:-
    Corporate Logo Designing | Project Logo Designing
  • Designing of complete Brand Identity Elements:- Logo designing | Letterheads designing | Visiting Cards designing| Envelopes designing | ID Cards | Forms & Invoice designing
  • Designing of Marketing Materials:-
    Brochure Designing | Flyer Designing | Poster Designing | Banner Designing | Standee Designing |  Backdrop Designing | Package Designing
  • Interior Branding:-
    Office Interior Branding | Hotel Interior Branding | Glass Branding | Vinyl Sticker Branding | One-way Vision Sticker Branding & more
Brand Building, Branding Agencies

Graphic Designers

As a creative graphic design agency we offer original, genuine, innovative, thought provoking and action oriented creatives for your Brand Identities and marketing tools. We are one the best

  • Company Logo Designers
  • Letterheads designers.
  • Visiting Card designers
  • Company Brochure Designers
  • Bi-fold  Brochure designers
  • Tri-fold Brochure Designers
  • Flyer Designers
  • Leaflet Designers
  • Poster designers
  • Advertisement creative designers etc.

Printing Services
Sticker Manufacturers

“Out of sight is out of mind.” A print collateral builds and strengthens relationships. It keeps your meeting with clients and customers alive even after weeks and months.

Printed marketing materials are essential to increasing your sales. No matter how digital & trendy the marketing gets, printed marketing materials will always have a place in business promotions. Holding something tangible in your hands will always have a stronger effect than seeing it through a screen.

Brochure Designers Brochure Printers
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Digital Marketing Agency

Survival of a business greatly depends upon it’s ability to adapt to new trends/methods of reaching out to your customers. Digital marketing is the new form of reaching out to customers. It refers to advertisements delivered through digital channels such as websites, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram etc.) mobile applications, emails, Banner ads withing web applications, search engines like Google / Bing, Popular websites and any other digital channels.


Outdoor Advertising Agency

“Reach out to your customers where they hang out the most. OOH helps in geographically targeted marketing to your customers. Repeated viewing of your advertisement helps in Brand Building resulting in greater Brand Recall.”

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Glowsign board makers
Glowsign board makers_hummingbirdcommunications
LED Glowsign board makers

Glow Signboard makers

Signage and signboards are graphic displays intended to convey  information to an audience. Signs are used
by companies for  Advertising and Marketing. Signboards help to identify your  business. They can be broadly termed as indoor signs and outdoor signs. Signs are used for attracting customers to a business. A signage can create a great first impression of your business.

Hummingbird Communications is one of the leading Sign
shop and Glow Signboard makers in Bangalore. We only use  branded materials and promise to give you the best quality products. We specialize in making LED Glow sign boards of various types.

The types of Signs, Signage and signboards we manufacture or deal with are

  • Rollup Standees
  • Glowsign Boards
  • LED Glowsign Boards
  • Lightboards/ Lollipop boards
  • Acrylic Letter LED Signboards
  • 2D/ 3D Acrylic Signboards
  • Acrylic Store
  • ACP Aluminium Signboards
  • ACP Vinyl Signboards
  • Metal boards using GI Sheet with metal frame
  • Noparking Stands
  • Noparking Boards
  • Engraved Name Plates / Nameboards
  • Stainless Steel Nameplates and nameboards
    Bronze Nameplates and nameboards
    Titanium Nameplates / name boards
  • Display stand manufacturers
  • Metal Stand manufacturers
  • Sign Shop
  • Vinyl Sign Shop
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Neon Sign Shop
  • Sandwich boards
  • Sun Boards
  • Magnet Signs
  • Tabletop Standees
  • Exit Signs
  • Tabletop Signs
  • Health & Safety Signs
  • Safety Equipment Suppliers
Why Choose Us

we are one of the best advertising agencies in Bangalore.

You get everything you need to promote your products * services * brands at one place. Our team of experts will closely work with you, guiding you at every step, planning the right mediums to advertising in, right time to advertise to get the best returns from your marketing campaigns.

Personal Attention

Customer is king. You are important to us. Having a lean team helps us to provide our customers direct access to the decision makers unlike big agencies where you tend to get lost in the crowd. At Humming Bird you are always given the best of service at all times.

Quality Services

At Hummingbird ‘Quality’ rules supreme. In all our endeavors, be it in designing of creatives, providing media advertising services or manufacturing of stands,Boards and Glowsign boards, we promise to use only the best quality materials and extend the best of services all times

Competitive Pricing

'Quality’ comes at a premium. However for our regular customers we remain flexible in pricing. We prefer to build long term relationships, than just working on one time projects. We promise to give you the best of quality and price at all times.

Always On Time

Having been in the Advertising field for over a decade and worked on hundreds of projects, we understand the importance of deadlines. We will always stick to the mutually discussed and agreed upon deadlines.

Hard Working

We tend to work in tandem with our client's timeline. Our team comprise of professionals with thorough knowledge in their respective domains. Knowledge and experience makes it easier to understand customer requirements better and complete the projects quickly.

24/7 Availability

We are always accessible to our clients at all time. You can call us, mail us or message us, we will revert to you as soon as possible.


What My Clients Say?

Humming Bird has been lending excellent service to their clients. Very honest in their approach and work. I highly recommend the place for anyone looking for their advertising needs.
Sooraj Shetty
CEO & Founder
We have taken their services for Brochure Designing and Brochure Printing for our company. We have got very good quality printing, good pricing and very good service from them.
They have very good knowledge of Branding and Advertising, we got good suggestions from them on improving our marketing. We have got very good results from them.
Managing Director, Bhuvana Ayurveda
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