Newspaper Advertising

The Most Trusted and Traditional Medium for Advertising

Inspite of all the digital craze, traditional method of newspaper advertising cannot be ignored. Businesses can reach out to a niche audience. driving your busines forward through Newspaper Advertisements – the most TRADITIONAL and TRUSTED medium

Through newspaper advertising you can target and reach customers in specific regions. Newspaper advertising drive heavy foot traffic to your business locations. The positioning of advertisements in Newspapers can be selected based on the newspaper readability (which category of people read it more eg. Family, Businessmen etc), its reach ( all the locations it is sold), its circulation (number of coies sold), the profile of its readers (Men, Women, Businessmen, Students etc.,) the domain of interests (Education, Entertainment, Sports etc) etc. Hence ads in newspapers have become the most trusted medium amongst the customers.

Among all the traditional advertising options, newspaper advertising offers the lowest cost per reach. It generates the necessary call to action from the readers. Readers go to the stores looking at the print advertisement. Newspapers are ideal for businesses to promote their Brands, Product & Services.
It offers flexibility for brands to better customise their advertising plans. In Newspaper ads businesses can reach customers as per the size of market, location of the ad, section & page, design etc. Newspapers ads have more lasting shelflife & people spend more time reading and interacting with ads, their offers and deals.

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