Mobile Display Van Advertising​

Humming Bird Communications offers the best Mobile Van Advertising Service in Bangalore. Mobile Van advertising is done by printing the advertisement creative on Star Flex / Fabric material and mounting it on an illuminated billboard at the center of the van, displaying the advertisement on both sides. Mobile display van then moves across target locations displaying our message to our target customers. The van can also be parked at targeted locations to reach the targeted audience.

Mobile Van advertising is an extremely effective mode of advertising due to mobility, illumination and the ability to conveniently shift the locations as per the requirement. Mobile Van Advertising delivers a strong message to audience. 

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Highly adaptive medium of advertising

Mobile Display Vans are one of the most adaptive medium used in Branding & Advertising. It acts as Hoarding-on-Wheels where in you can take your message to new customers at different place every single day.

Maximum reach

Being compact in size (yet able to deliver the message effectively) Mobile Display Vans are able to move across city as per the marketing plan. We can also run the advertising campaigns on major roads on certain days and target the residential areas on other days, following the local laws & restriction.

Cost effective advertising medium

Mobile van advertising in Bangalore is one of the most cost effective medium of outdoor advertising in Bangalore. It is cheaper than Hoarding Advertising, Train advertising, Bus Advertising when measured on its flexibility & reach.

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