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Flyer insertions, Flyer Distribution also called as Newspaper Inserts are pamphlets that are printed and circulated through leading local newspapers which are distributed at specific locations. Flyers, Leaflets or Pamphlets can be of A5, A4, A3 or a Full Page size.

Humming Bird Communications provides an end-to-end service, from Flyer Printing to Flyer Distribution Services. We provide you with information of an approximate quantity of flyers required to target specific areas. After receiving your creative in final print format we print the flyers as per the agreed specifications, arrange for transportation to target locations across the city, deploy our coordinators to monitor the insertion activities early morning to ensure there are no wastage of flyers. Images of insertions will be shared as proof of activity. The price per flyer printing & flyer insert varies as per the size of the flyer, the quality of paper and the quantity to be printed and the location where it has to be distributed.

Through Flyer Distribution as an advertising medium, advertisers can create hyper local awareness of their brand and generate leads for their business from targeted locations.

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