No Parking Boards have emerged as one of the best and the most cost effective medium for branding and advertising. It is the best medium for local business establishments to advertise in their respective business locations. Large companies, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Educational Institutions and many leading retail brands also have now accepted the medium and have found it to be more effective in terms of generating long term sales and brand building.

It also acts as a constant reminder of the brand to the customers helping in brand image building along with being a ready reference of their contact numbers in case they need to purchase their products or avail their services. The best part of no parking boards are the fact that once the no parking boards are  installed on the gates, they will remain intact for long periods of time.

Unlike any other form of advertising, no parking boards advertising as a medium has the longest shelf life. While most other advertising mediums have a life span of only one day, one week or one month and you have to keep repeating it to be in focus, No parking boards tend to be in place for atleast a minimum of 8 months to a year. No Parking boards helps the house owners in informing public/ people not to park their vehicles in front of their premises. It’s a win-win situation for both.

Process of No parking board printing in Bangalore – Generally No Parking boards are screen printed on 3mm Sunpack sheets (Sunpack printers) in various colours to match the creative design requirements. The standard size is 12x18inches, 12x12inches, 16x16inches, 24×24, 24×18, 24x12inches, 36x24inches however it can also be customised in shapes and sizes as per client requirements. The final creatives are converted to CMYK & individual frames are made for each colour & screen printed. Each board is then left to dry before punching holes in them & fixing revits as per customer’s requirements.

Newer printing methods have emerged such as Flat Bed Printing in which the designs are directly printed onto the sunpack sheets instead of going through the laborious and time consuming screen printing method. Another method of sunpack boards printing is printing the designs on vinyl stickers and fixing/ pasting it on sunpack sheets. No doubt Screen printed no parking boards are more durable and most cost effective as compared against other forms of no parking boards. They are more expensive when compared to screen printed sunpack boards.

No parking board material – The material used for production of no parking boards tied on gates are largely made of 3mm Sunpack Sheets (sunpack printers) However they can also be printed on 5mm sunpack sheets & on more thicker sunpack sheets. The cost of boards increase accordingly. Other options being printing of noparking boards on Tin Metal Sheets, GI Sheets.

You can find us by just searching as ‘no parking board printing near me’ in google search and you will be directed to us. Rest assured you will get the best quality printing at the best price. Being the best no parking board manufacturers in Bangalore at times we announce Special Offer on Sunpack (No Parking Board) & Foam Board Direct Printing when customers have bulk requirements/ bookings.

We also help customers in designing their no parking boards designs as per their requirements. We can print no parking boards in different shapes, and sizes. We can do dye punching to get the shape we require. We also help our customers in No parking boards tying on gates across different locations.

You can easily book no parking board online by sending us an email on or by calling us on 9916254593. We will be happy to help you.

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