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FM Radio Advertising in Bangalore is a popular medium of advertisement in the city. FM radio stations in Bangalore have a wide reach, covering not only the city but also its suburbs and nearby areas. Advertisers can target specific demographics such as age groups and regions by choosing the appropriate FM radio station to advertise on.

Radio advertising in Bangalore is cost-effective compared to other mediums like TV and print. It allows advertisers to reach their target audience with a clear message, and can be used to promote a wide range of products and services.

Another advantage of FM radio advertising in Bangalore is its ability to reach people on the go. People in Bangalore often listen to the radio while driving or commuting, making it a great way to reach a captive audience. Overall, FM Radio Advertising in Bangalore can be a valuable tool for advertisers looking to reach a large and engaged audience at a relatively low cost.

Bangalore being the IT hub and a cosmopolitan city has people from across India living in peace and harmony. Bangalore is a music lover’s paradise and Bangloreans love listening to their FM Radio Stations.

Top 7 Radio Stations in Bangalore are:

  • Big 92.7 FM (Kannada)
  • Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM (Kannada)
  • Radio City 91.1 FM (Kannada)
  • Radio Mirchi Radio 95 (Hindi)
  • Red FM 93.5 FM (Hindi)
  • Radio One 94.3 FM (English)
  • Radio Indigo 91.9 FM (English)

These radio stations of Bangalore play songs in Kannada, Hindi and English languages.

FM Radio advertising is one of the traditional advertising media with a huge listenership base across regions. It helps advertisers capture large “share of minds” for their products, services and brand advertisements. Marketing on radio in Bangalore is best way to geo target the right audiences, expose them to your brand communications and persuade listeners to instantly take action. Radio Advertisement in Bangalore is the most cost effective medium for advertisers and can influence the purchasing decision of listeners.

Our continuous and longstanding relationship with all the leading FM Radio channels of Bangalore, has made Humming Bird Communications the leading radio advertising agency in Bangalore. So if you want to advertise in Big 92.7 FM / advertise in Radio Mirchi 98.3FM / advertise in Red 93.5 FM / advertise in Red FM 93.5 FM / advertise in Radio City 91.1 FM / advertise in Radio One 94.3FM / advertise in Radio Indigo 91.9FM or advertise in Vividh Bharati or any other radio stations across India, then we are the agency for you.


Bangalore, being a major metropolitan city in India, has a number of FM radio stations that are popular for advertising. Some of the leading FM radio stations for advertising in Bangalore are:

Radio City 91.1 FM – One of the largest radio networks in India, Radio City is known for its popular programs and music.

Fever 104 FM – A popular FM radio station in Bangalore, Fever 104 FM offers a mix of music, entertainment and interactive programs.

Red FM 93.5 – Red FM is known for its innovative programs, engaging content and Bollywood music.

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM – Radio Mirchi is one of the largest radio networks in India, known for its vibrant and youthful programming.

Big FM 92.7 – Big FM is known for its programs that cater to different age groups and interests.

All India Radio (Akashvani) – Although it is not a commercial FM radio station, All India Radio has a strong reach in Bangalore and can be a good option for advertising.

It’s important to note that these are the leading FM radio stations for advertising in Bangalore, but there may be other regional or niche radio stations that may also be suitable for your advertising needs.


FM Radio Advertising is a popular way of reaching out to the masses in India, and here are some key points to keep in mind while formulating your FM Radio ads:

Target audience: Identify the target audience of your FM Radio station and create ad content that resonates with them. This will help in attracting more listeners and improving your reach.

Ad placement: Place your ad at the right time and frequency to reach your target audience effectively. Consider the time of day, day of the week, and type of programming when choosing the placement of your ad.

Ad length: The length of your ad should be short and to the point. A 30-second ad is typically the most effective for FM Radio advertising.

Call to action: Your ad should include a clear call to action that motivates listeners to take action. Encourage them to visit your website, call a phone number, or take some other desired action.

Ad content: Ensure that the content of your ad is engaging, relevant, and informative. Use words that are relevant to your target audience and your brand to improve your reach and brand message delivery and recall.

Ad repetition: Repetition is key to the success of FM Radio advertising. Repeat your ad several times a day to increase brand awareness and recall.

Measurement: Keep track of the performance of your FM Radio ads and make adjustments as needed. Use metrics such as listener response rate,
website traffic, and conversions to measure the success of your ads.

By following these tips, you can effectively optimize your FM Radio ads for better communication and reach more potential customers in India.

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